House System

We have captured some of our heritage in our house names:

The Delany Devils (Red)

Bishop Daniel Delany (1747-1814) founded the Patrician Brothers order at Tullow, Ireland, in 1808 to educate the poor young people. His motto was “Bravely and Gently” – a challenge for each of us today.

The Mackillop Magpies (Green)

Saint Mary Mackillop (1842-1909) was canonised in 2010 by Pope Benedict XVI as Australia’s first Saint. She dedicated her life to the service of others, especially through the Sisters of St Joseph, which she founded in 1866.

The Massey Marlins (Gold)

Fr. Bernard Massey, as the Parish Priest of Blacktown, was responsible for the establishment of our College in 1952. Our priests have continued to support his vision for Catholic education in Blacktown.

The Histon Hounds (Blue)

Br. Gerard Histon (1918-2010) was the founding Principal of the College in 1952. With two other Patrician Brothers he taught grades 4, 5 and 6 and began the great spirit and traditions we have today.