HSC Performance

Patrician Brothers’ College students perform consistently at a high level at the Higher School Certificate. In 2012 the school was ranked as one of the best performing comprehensive schools in NSW. The college is a leading Catholic boys’ school in Western Sydney.

A brief overview of the achievement of the 2012 cohort:

  • Total number of students presenting for the HSC in 2012: 153
  • Number of Band 6 results: 57
  • Number of Band 5 results: 235
  • Top ATAR: 99.7

Subjects Substantially Above State Average:

  • 2 Unit Biology
  • 2 Unit Chemistry
  • 2 Unit Advanced English
  • 2 Unit Information Processes and Technology
  • 2 Unit Legal Studies
  • 2 Unit General Mathematics
  • 2 Unit Mathematics
  • 1 Unit Extension Mathematics
  • 2 Unit Extension Mathematics
  • 2 Unit Physics
  • 2 Unit Software Design and Development

2012 HSC Merit List

Congratulations to the following students who were listed on the Merit List published in the Sydney Morning Herald and The Daily Telegraph.

All Rounders – NSW Premier’s Award

Singh, Manpreet

Distinguished Achievers

Abouchaaya, Walid Mathematics Extension 1
Abouchaaya, Walid Mathematics Extension 2
Bhardwaj, Siddharth Economics
Bhardwaj, Siddharth English (Advanced)
Bhardwaj, Siddharth Studies of Religion II
Boidin, Matthew Ancient History
Bongolan, Daniel Information Processes and Technology
Butrous, Michael Studies of Religion I
Cameron, Shaun Patrick General Mathematics
Collins, Benjamin James William General Mathematics
Debono, Cain General Mathematics
Dias, Declan Mathematics
Dias, Gerard Legal Studies
Gongupalli, Nithin Joel Mathematics
Grant, Jacob Andrew Community and Family Studies
Johnston, William Timothy Industrial Technology
Kumar, Alvin Business Studies
Kumar, Alvin General Mathematics
Lal, Adrian Alvin Business Studies
Lal, Adrian Alvin English (Advanced)
Lal, Adrian Alvin Legal Studies
Lal, Adrian Alvin General Mathematics
Lal, Adrian Alvin Studies of Religion I
Marciano, Aaron Christopher Studies of Religion I
McNulty, Nicholas Jude Studies of Religion II
Ragheb, John Chemistry
Ragheb, John Mathematics Extension 1
Ragheb, John Mathematics Extension 2
Rupasinghe, Samudit Tarindu Mathematics
Santiago, Mark Mathematics Extension 2
Singh, Gurkirat Mathematics
Singh, Inderpreet General Mathematics
Singh, Manpreet English (Advanced)
Singh, Manpreet Legal Studies
Singh, Manpreet Mathematics Extension 1
Singh, Manpreet Mathematics Extension 2
Singh, Manpreet Physics
Singh, Manpreet Studies of Religion I
Singh, Manpreet Economics
Singh, Sahil Chemistry
Singh, Sahil Mathematics
Singh, Sahil Studies of Religion II
Singh, Tarunjit English (Advanced)
Singh, Tarunjit Studies of Religion I
Singh, Thakur Udit English (Advanced)
Singh, Thakur Udit Legal Studies
Singh, Thakur Udit Mathematics
Singh, Thakur Udit Studies of Religion I
Srinivasan, Rohith Business Studies
Srinivasan, Rohith Chemistry
Srinivasan, Rohith English (Advanced)
Srinivasan, Rohith Mathematics
Srinivasan, Rohith Mathematics Extension 1
Talab, Richard Information Processes and Technology
Vrljic, Marko Croatian Continuers
Zamora, Dan Allen Mathematics Extension 1
Zamora, Dan Allen Mathematics Extension 2
Zhu, Daniel Mathematics