Meet our WYD Pilgrims

Posted on April 18, 2013

I chose to make the pilgramage to World Youth Day 2013 to develop a stronger connection to God and to encounter his works, particularly in the Peruvian slums. I wish to return with a more humble outlook on my life, grateful for the many blessings he has given me.
Adam Boidin

I would like to go to World Youth Day because I want to learn more about God and surround myself with students with a similar goal to me. I see this as a life changing experience that will make me a better person for my family and community.
Anas Abu Ganaba

The reason I want to go to WYD is to increase my faith and to have a better spiritual connection with Jesus and Mary.
Andrew Mallett

I chose to go to WYD2013 in Rio De Janeiro as I believe I am at an age where I begin to question my beliefs and faith and hopefully this experience will rekindle my faith as I see and serve God in the poor.
Isaiah Mercado

I chose to be a pilgrim for WYD2013 as I believe that being there in person and in the moment will strengthen my relationship with God. It is an opportunity for ‘rebirth’ and hopefully a chance to help those in need.
Jarrett Spice

I want to undertake this journey with my peers to grow in my faith and to enjoy my time in Rio.
Jacob McCarthy

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