Sporting Programs

The Metropolitan Catholic Schools programme MCS is aimed at providing competitive sporting opportunities for students to participate in organised fixtures throughout the school year, against other Catholic schools in the western region of Sydney.

These sports involve students in all age groups of high school. The MCS programme is based on its aims to provide fellowship and encourage sportsmanship and commitment. Teachers from every school take on the role of coaching the students in the selected sports. They give their time before and after school in trying to install these values and improve their skills.

Each school has an MCS sportsmaster appointed to organise the sports and to see that both students and coaching staff are prepared for their particular nominated sports.

The following sports are involved in the MCS programme

Term 1 Term 2
Swimming Football (Soccer)
Football (Soccer) Rugby League
Rugby League Cross Country
Term 3 Term 4
Touch Football Cricket
Rugby Union Basketball

Students who achieve high levels of ability and skill through participation in their chosen sport can represent their school at a higher level through selection for CCC ( Combined Catholic College) teams which can lead on on State selection.