GIO Australian Schoolboy Cup

2012 GIO Schoolboy Cup  
Patrician Brothers’ College vs St Gregory’s College Result: 40 – 0
Patrician Brothers’ College vs Hills Sports High School Result: 24 – 10
Patrician Brothers’ College vs Farrar Agricultural High Result: 60 – 6
Patrician Brothers’ College vs Holy Cross College Result: 28 – 18
Grand Final  
Patrician Brothers’ College vs Endeavour Sports High Result: 32 – 6


Historic Win – Patrician Brothers’ College crowned GIO Australian Schoolboy Cup Champions!

We began 2012 with the school theme,“Celebrating our Past, Present and Future” and celebrating the 60th year of the foundation of the College. What a time to win the nationally televised Rugby League competition!

It is hard to go past our success in September’s GIO Australian Schoolboy Cup Final for excitement. This success is something the whole school can share in, along with the wider community. At the conclusion of the match, the players and coaching staff ran across the field to join the 1,200 supporters seated in the grandstand. The sharing of the success in this fashion will remain with me for some time, because it clearly acknowledged the role of students, parents and staff in our success.

Few schools can boast such an achievement. The school has received wonderful recognition and congratulatory letters, emails and phone calls. We are grateful to the school community for their outstanding support and we should all feel very proud of the magnificent school spirit that was evident on the day of the final. There is a wonderful sense of pride not just in being victorious butin the manner in which victory was attained and especially with the obvious support and spirit of the community.

Whilst many have congratulated the school and the team on this historic success, few would be aware of the sacrifices made by the team in order to succeed. Training began in October of 2011 and continued throughout the year.

The school congratulates the team and the coaching staff on their success but more importantly acknowledges the hard work, dedication and sacrifice needed in order to be successful. Our coaches, Mr Gregory Beacroft and Mr Peter Ross, (both ex-students!) deserve the highest praise. Mr Ross in particular has been the inspiration for our sporting success for over 20 years – the school community is very grateful for his vision, passion and pursuit of excellence.

Finally, this team has been a credit to themselves, to the school and to their families for the manner in which they played the game. They have set a very high standard for others to emulate!

Congratulations to all,
Mr Santo Passarello

Sunday 2 September dawned bright and warm. The school grounds were abuzz with excitement and activity. We had face-painting, war cries, and flag waving as supporters donned the now famous ‘Go Patties’ shirts.

At 8.00am the team bus departed for the Toyota NRL ground at Cronulla. The preparation for the match was perfect. By the time the boys ran onto the playing surface at 10.45am they were ready to play the match of their lives.

The 1,200 who watched the game were left with a wonderful, euphoric feeling! To score 6 tries in a Final is a momentous feat. All players, students, staff and parents share equally in the victory … and who can forget our mascot – Mrs Selina ‘Wolverine’ Wong!

The boys would be the first to admit that credit must also go to the coaches, Mr Greg Beacroft and Mr Peter Ross who produced a well prepared and disciplined side, to Mr Santo Passarello for his inspiration and to our other coaching staff, Mr Adam Hartigan, Mr Adnan Saleh, Mr Van D’Morias, Mr Michael Beacroft, Mr John Barlow, Mr Steve Mulligan, Mrs Kim Antonelli, Michael Inskip and Mrs Mel D’Cruz.

The team members were:
DallinWatene-Zelezniak, Christian Fuamatu-Sopi, Paul Simona, SioneFolau, Robert Jennings, Dylan Izzard, Sione Tonga, Evan Lee, SioneUtia-Katoa, Pauli Pauli, Bryce Cartwright, Chris Smith, Chad McGill (Captain), AtonioTauiliili-Pelesasa, Zane Walford, JoshjuaTangitau, Tyrone May and HalauafuLavaka.

Special mention must be made of our Captain, Chad McGill who led the team with great distinction! As the nephew of Br Paul O’Keeffe (the Vicar General of the Patrician Brothers) it was a defining moment in his time at the College. In 2007, when Chad was in Year 7, he was the ball boy for the final of this competition. To now captain this victorious side is a wonderful testament to the sense of community at Patrician Bothers’ College.

Congratulations to all players – you have done yourselves and your school proud.